The time and effort you spent writing your book should not go unacknowledged and you should not have to sink more money into your project. After all, you did not write a book to lose money. With Binder you can get your book reviewed for the minimal price of $5 because you will agree to read and review another author’s book. THIS IS NOT A QUID PRO QUO REVIEW SWAP. Through Binder one author will read and review your book and you will read and review a completely different author’s book.

The self-publishing industry is a revolution for aspiring authors. No longer must authors struggle to find an agent and a publisher. No longer must authors hope and pray that their book will be deemed worthy to be one of a few books published. On the other hand, just because your book is published does not mean that it will reach a wide (or any) audience. That is the tradeoff. One way to get your book noticed is to get it reviewed. This is what Binder can do for you and you can help another self-published author in the process.

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