• I understand that Binder Review is only an introduction service. In exchange for my five-dollar ($5.00) fee, Binder Review will introduce an author who will read and review my book (“Reviewer”) and will introduce me to another author who is different than the one reviewing my book (“Reviewee”)  so that I can read and review his or her book.
  • I understand that once the introduction is made it is up to me and the author to whom I am introduced to (1) coordinate the transfer of the book to be read and (2) agree to a review platform where the review will be written.
  • I agree to carefully read and review the book assigned to me and to write an honest review of the book on the review platform of the author’s choice.
  • I understand that Binder Review was created in order to introduce self-published authors to other self- published authors in a non-binary, non-quid pro quo or “review swap” manner. Accordingly, I agree to uphold the spirit of this arrangement by writing an honest review that is not influenced in any way by any agreement, contractual or otherwise, with the author to whom I am introduced for the purposes of writing a review that does not reflect my actual opinion of the book.
  • I understand that Binder Review is in no way responsible for the content of the written review as it appears on the review platform. I completely release Binder Review and its owners, employees and or officers of any liability related to any review written resulting directly or indirectly from Binder Review’s introduction service.

Once you click “I Accept” you will be redirected to a page to purchase a membership for the site where after completing you can sign up.

*When purchase is complete, do not close out, select “Return To Merchant” to continue to membership creation


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