What is Binderreview?

I understand the plight of a self-published author because I have self-published multiple e-books myself. On one hand, the self-publishing industry is a wonderful development for creative people who want to put their work “out there” but do not have the time or expertise to navigate the traditional publishing industry. On the other hand, for many authors, once they put their work out there, very few other people ever will ever read their work – let alone write a review of it.

After I self-published my first book I had a dream that it would immediately be purchased and read by a lot of people. This did not happen. At the very least (after all the work I put into it) I wanted someone to write a review of my book. So, I investigated whether there were services out there for this purpose. I did find some that cost $100 or more. But after all the time, effort and money I had already spent publishing my book I was not very willing to spend more money just to get it reviewed. After all, I wrote the book to make money and not to lose money.

I did some more investigating in the world of social media groups for self-published authors and discovered there were a lot of people in a similar predicament. The solution dawned on me that this population of self-published authors desiring reviews of their work should read and review each other’s work. This seemed like the perfect solution but I soon discovered that book review platforms such as Amazon frown on this and for good reason. If two authors agree to review each other’s work then their reviews will be automatically suspect. Even if they are being completely honest it will appear as if both authors are motivated to give each other falsely positive reviews either because they expect a positive review in return or because they fear a negative review if they honestly do not like the book.

I created Binder to solve this problem. In simple terms, instead of having “Author A” review “Author B” and “Author B” review “Author A,” Binder has “Author A” review “Author B” and “Author B” review “Author C” and “Author C” review “Author A.” This allows the population of self-published authors who are motivated to have their books read and reviewed to read and review other self-published authors with the same motivation. But because Binder is a non- binary introduction service the appearance of impropriety is removed.

Binder Book Review brings authors together.


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